Cut holes, costume stores near me add fake blood — your goal is to show that this character has had a really bad year. The character you choose doesn’t matter nearly as much as the attitude you bring with it! In these times, with the choices you can have access to, it’s much more appealing to choose a professionally created toddlers Halloween costume. My buddy’s Eleven costume. Denise from Makin Lemonade used a black short sleeve dress for this costume. All you need is a black bobbed wig and white button down shirt et voila! Finn the Human is ideal not only because of his endearing humane imperfections, but also because his simple shirt and shorts outfit is an easy to execute superhero costume for boys. All kids love to go trick-or-treating and dressing up in an awesome outfit is important.

You probably went to a party this weekend and thought about how great it was that you didn’t bother dressing up because “how much work is that? I myself am considering dressing up as Elton John if only to wear a pair of bedazzled bug-eye spectacles, so this list resonates with me. How many Elton John’s in a bar is too many Elton John’s in a bar? I can’t help but to think how fun it would be to get all of your girlfriends together, dress up like extraterrestrials, and invade every bar or party you hit on Halloween in Area 51 storming style.

BAY CITY, MI — A 24-year-old man is facing a pair of felonies due to police alleging he drunkenly backed over a woman and broke her back while leaving a Halloween party. Could even be a trick or treating party. Connection in costumes. And everyone can take part — even babies. Whether black, pink, red, brown or white, getacos some even have cow prints on them. When you visit her you have to bring your own lint roller, as you are sure to be covered in cat hair the moment you step in the door. If your kid’s hair is long enough, put it in the highest ponytail possible. If you’ve got a friend with a shark phobia, this hilarious costume is the one to put on. Put the children to bed and prepare for some nightmares.

Michael Jackson’s children united in his name to do some good for charity this weekend, hosting their annual Thriller event in Los Angeles. Paris and Prince Jackson took over the family estate on Friday night to host a fundraiser in partnership with Heal LA Foundation, a non-profit charity which aims to help families struggling in the Los Angeles area. Does your family dress up for Halloween? Check out the impressive lengths the family goes to for Halloween. On Saturday the 38-year-old shared a glimpse into her Halloween celebration, as she and daughters Natalia, 17, Bianka, three, and one-year-old Capri, dressed up in matching costumes.

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