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At the beginning of the show Ben found a pod on the ground after storming off into the woods following an argument with Ben. The One: The passionate conservationist tells the publication: ‘I’m lucky I have found the one, the person I want to spend all my time with. Halloween is approaching fast and it’s time to start planning what your kids will wear trick or treating. This is fortunate, as many children will likely be asking to play this character. Normally, costume shop it will be easier if you go with a character which don ordinary outfit. Playing these games, you will get fun and select many wonderfully suitable dresses and magical creatures. Another fun project for the kids involves making pumpkin pouches from ordinary paper plates.

Decorate the pumpkin with funny or spooky faces and hang (pouch out). Paint the plate pouch orange and allow it to dry. Once dry, allow them to decorate faces onto the outside of the bottles with black paint. Thoroughly clean and remove the labels from empty 2-liter pop bottles and pour a little bit of orange paint inside, replacing lid afterward. Let the kids shake the bottles around until the inside is covered with orange paint. Inside of this pod is a watch type machine known as the Omnitrix. Ben has to learn to master the use of the Omnitrix and of the various aliens as other aliens attempt to rob him of the Omnitrix to use its power for themselves. This Omnitrix attaches to Ben’s arm and this is what allows him to transform into the various aliens. Each of the aliens that he transforms into has its own special power so Ben will choose which alien to turn into depending on the power that he needs for the particular situation.

If you have children then its quite possible that you have heard of Ben 10. Benjamin Tennyson is the young boy who protects the earth by transforming into different aliens to fight the ‘bad guys’. It doesn’t mean that because some of us are already grown ups then we can no longer have fun right? These different types are used for fitting glasses in various formats based on the architecture. Grab a couple pair of glasses and a couple canes for walking and you’re on your way to a fun Halloween night. Bring out the pastel and brightly colored tuxedos for a fun night reliving vintage style.

Night Owl and Silk Spectre would make great Watchmen costumes for couples. While you patiently wait for the new Top Gun movie to finally(!) come out, dress up in these killer fighter pilot costumes ahead of the momentous occasion. A garden party calls for a floaty, whimsical dress and Burberry’s baby blue lace dress was beautiful for the somewhat less than celebratory occasion. The Halloween party can be themed on certain costumes. When you need a go-to Halloween party game for adults, bobbing for apples should be at the top of your list. Simple; all you need is an old graduation gown or a black dressing gown and a wizard hat. It has everything you need to help you on your way.

Craft projects are a great way to get your child involved with Halloween traditions. Do you find it hard to make a decision about what you are going to be for Halloween this year? When it is round the corner many of you will get crafty and creative to make the day livelier. These creative little pouches will look great hung on the wall or door. Wear childlike hats. You can also invest in hats to help yourself look more like a baby. Imagine just how wild your son’s imagination can run when he finds himself dressed in his own Ben 10 costume – the envy of all his friends.

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